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Default EURASIA - contemporary Khazar Jews Kingdom

European Union (EU) , in my opinion , is the global Masonic Illuminati “messianic” project of creating "British Israel" - establishment of Jewish Kingdom at the territories of the EURASIA ( revival of Jewish Khazar Kingdom).

In order to achieve this goal Jewish Masonic Illuminati had to go a long way.
From infiltrating European aristocracy, destructing old Empires , penetrating world governments,administrations and polical systems.... to deconstructing Soviet Union and European nation states, fomenting war in former Yugoslavia, taking over Russian economy, investing in China, transferring military technology to China, creating war in Chechniya, expending NATO and European Union towards East, sponsoring terroristic attacs in Russia, taking over Ukraina (recently), sending NATO troops and military technology to Afganistan and Azerbeijan,insisting on Turkey joining the European union, pushing America in wars that could not win, etc.

The plan would be fulfilled with the collapse of world economy, deconstruction of America and decline in world population.

The term “British Israel”, in my opinion, has two meanings that are absolutely linked and convergent because they present two diffrent steps in the realization of the pernicious plan-
one that implies full reconstitution of the Khazar Jews/ European nobility Empire alike Ancient Khazar Jewish Kingdom at the territories of Eurasia and
second that implies idea of global Freemasonry to place one of their bloodline on the throne of the Satanic Temple of Satanic Kingdom in Jerusalem.

As I pointed out in my post :
- Khezran Jews (not ancient Hebrews) “Aryan supremacy” and “master-race Casteism” - the most powerful modern Jews (Rotschilds,Soros etc.) are offsprings of the idolater Aryan Khezran (Khazar) who appearently turned toward Judaism ( better to say some aspects of false Judaism such as Cabbala, Kahal and Beth-Din) for some reasons.
Today these Khazar Jews are intermarried with European (primarily British) aristoracy and dedicated to Satan.

I apsolutelly claim that we have to make distinction between ancient Hebrews faith (Judaism), that is God’s revealed religion (based on Torah- Scriptures) and “Judaism” that is ideology ( based on Talmud, Beth Din, Kahal and Cabbala) with racial-casteism elements (based on Khazar/Aryan master-
race casteism ).

While Napoleon, Hitler or Ulyanov (Lenin ) and Bronstain (Trotsky) Bolsheviks, the executors of Masonic Illuminati policy, did not succeeded to carry out this task ( to conquer the whole Eurasia and establish this British/ Khazar Jews Masonic Kingdom resembling ancient Khazaria with “Jewish” King at the top) modern brainwashed politicians, journalists and intellectuals are making giant step forward to complete this “MILLENNIUM TASK”.
Ironically most of them do not realize this.

Think carefully about the word - “MILLENNIUM” because Illuminati use this word very often.
It is not strange that the creation of Europian Union –actually Eurasia is called “millenuim task” because in 2016 (according to some studies in 2083) there will be a millenium as the Jewish Khazar Kingdom in the cradle of Aryans ,at Caucasus, has been destroyed.

This “Jewish” Khazar Kingdom lasted several centuries, from 650 to 1016 AD (or 586-1030 AD as some reserchers estimate).
In this Kingdom Khazar Muslims and Christians were considred to be “low cast” and of course, Jews, as the master-race, “ruling” caste.

But Masonic intelligentsia hid the knowledge of this early medieval empire until very recently while professing the tale of the “Promised Land Palestine”.

The famous and comprehensive Victorian "Wall Chart of World History," published in 1890 (now placed in the Library of the British Museum in London) does not even mention the Jewish Khazar Kingdom .

However Arab records note that in the 9th Century the Caliph in Baghdad set up a throne room with four thrones representing the four major imperial figures of the world at that time : (1) himself as leader of the Islamic Empire, (2) Charlemagne of Western Christendom, (3) the Emperor of China, and (4) the Jewish Kaghan (Gaghan) of the Khazars. The Byzantine Emperor was not considered worthy of inclusion!

Initially a confederation of Turkic tribes , situated along the Silk Road and Transcaucacus region,
in the cradle of the Aryans- the Khazars -embraced Judaism.

Since Khazar “Jews” intelligentsia (like Artur Koestler) know very well that they are not semitic Hebrews , but Khazars who hate Torah, it is clear why their goal is NOT to reconstitute the ancient David’s Empire although they claim this publicaly.

Once again we should follow the sacred rule- it does not count what they say but what they hide.

I remind you that the most important global confrontations in the past two centuries happened at the territory of Eurasia. If the Masonic Illuminati had been interested EXCLUSIVELY in the Palestine and Jerusalem - Napoleon, Hitler or Ulyanov would rush towards Middle East –not Russia and Caucasus.

In the same time, Masonic Illuminati could control Palestine without transffering European Jews there.They have already infiltarted ruling class in Turkey and other Muslim countries.

Palestine or Zionistic Israel serves as a very good screen, century-long crisis created as a psychological distraction. The arrogance, brutality and stupidity of Israelis have been conspicuous for me always.
The terror and genocide over Palestine Muslims, which they conduct is absolutely unreasonable and will not derive any benefit for them. They could brake Palestinian resistance with “peaceful solutions” long time ago.
In the same time, Jews could not benefit from concentrating on this territory.

However ,this is their massive and brilliant deceive.

In my opinion Khazar Jews Masonic Illuminati launched the idea of creating state of Israel to divert attention from the real agenda , distract and persuade ,first of all, European Monarchies ,especially Ottoman and Russian Empire that “Jewish” ultimate and “the only goal is founding Jewish nation state Israel in Palestine”.Today they use the same strategy to deceive American neo-conservatives (Fundamentalistic Christians), European Liberals ,Russian and Chinese politicians.

It is funny that even Soviet Communists of Stalin era were persuaded that “British Israel” (Khazar Jews Kingdom) will be set up exclusively , at the territories of Palestine /Zionistic Israel where Illuminati would rebuild their Satan-worship Masonic temple. They did not understand that Soviet Union
actually “occupies” the territory of this future Jewish Khazar/European aristocracy Kingdom.

So before they (if ever) set up their Satan-worship Masonic temple in Jerusalem, Khazar Jews Masonic Illuminati will set up Khazar Jews/European aristocracy Kingdom of Eurasia –as the most important geo-strategic zone.

As I implicated in my post “ Are the Freemasons spreading deliberately data on the World conspiracy” , my impression is that Masonic illuminati are constantly applying one of the methods of psychological manipulation (brainwashing) that is called “deception by truth”.
They deliver us data (not information) that are sometimes true but ,in the same time they hide the essence,indoctrinate us, or simply divert our attention.

That is why I do not trust too much “revealing books or articles about Masonic Illuminati and their aims”

In conclusion , we are witnesses of a Social Darwinism project.
Social Darwinism is "struggle in which only superior specie could survive and dominate". Since Euroasia is the experiment of ARYAN MASTER RACE CASTEISM and Social Darwinism- European nobility and Khazar "Jews" that represent this "master race" will be ruling caste here.

Although this elaboration is based on my thorough research and contemplation I do not claim that I am apolutely right.
This is just a hypothesis that should be explored.

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