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Default Weather wars

Take a look at the pictures:

It was during last years Florida hurricane turkey shoot, when I was wrestling with how best to share what I had recently discovered regarding the naturalness of those hurricanes let alone all of this planet's now very bizarre weather patterns, that I decided that I must start I feel very strongly that people must know what is happening, but more importantly people have the right to know why they/we are dealing with weather as crazy as it currently is. Now here we are approaching the end of yet another first of its kind Atlantic hurricane season; this season has has so many firsts that even the most hardened skeptic must begin to wonder: "What if?"

I am not fond of jumping online and writing an article each time a big event comes along discussing whether or not the event is natural. If you have read much of my writing then you already know that my belief is that the use of scalar technologies, by many nations, have completely overwhelmed any of the remaining natural weather processes of this planets weather. To put it plainly: There is no natural weather left on planet Earth. None! Not these hurricanes, not the bitter cold that that I expect to settle in across the Eastern United States this winter, absolutely none of it any more.

Have you noticed the contrails overhead lately? The Powers that Be are using these contrails of a special fleet of planes to keep tabs on the ongoing weather manipulation. If you see the lasting contrails know that weather modification is happening in your skies!

Hurricanes now develop in locations that best suit the weather makers. No longer do they need to spend a week traversing the Tropical Atlantic gathering a name as they first become a depression while slowly strengthening to a tropical storm and then on to become a hurricane. Yes, explosive hurricane development has occurred in the past, but these past few years are different. There has been a discernable shift in how quickly and where these tropical storms develop and mature. Storms now form much closer to where the Powers That Be want the maximum terror effect. These storms are clearly government sponsored terrorist events. The effects are economic, are emotionally draining to the point of exhaustion, certainly financially taxing, and used to cause a victimhood mentality that makes us all feel powerless in some sense. The net effect is fatigue and in the case of Katrina and Rita we have been delivered an infection of poverty that this deeply indebted nation will struggle to overcome for a generation or more.

All weather is now manufactured. Period.

Where will Wilma and the the many following storms eventually head? Only those that are participating in and directing this eco-warfare know for certain.

An in depth examination of the enlightening MIMIC imagery is underway.

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