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Default Re: EURASIA - contemporary Khazar Jews Kingdom

As I implicated in my post “ Are the Freemasons spreading deliberately data on the World conspiracy” , my impression is that Masonic illuminati are constantly applying one of the methods of psychological manipulation (brainwashing) that is called “deception by truth”.
Good point.
This is why I try to take all NWO info that comes my way with a grain of salt, testing, cross-referencing, double and triple-checking until I am convnced of a single fact's accuracy.
Too many agents of disinformation tell at least some of the truth to get you hooked. Then later they try to subtly push you in one direction or another and away from the real truth.
It is a long, difficult and eclectic process sifting through all of the material out there now, but for those who are truly indightful and dedicated, I think that eventually many credible hypotheses like yours emerge.
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