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america was founded as a christian nation . not officially ,with dogma as part of founding documents,such as anglican church the official church of england, but the PEOPLE were surely predominantly christian .the founders were ,for the most part,christian as well. the statement about freemasonry is irrelevant.there are and have always been christian freemasons.the vast majority of them are nominal members that gather at their meetings on a purely social basis and many are involveed in philanthropic causes such as shriners childrens hospitals .it is not a satanic organization,merely secular.

as for those who would say "you can't legislate morality" i say you can't legislate anything else.right and wrong ,acceptable and unacceptable, lawful and unlawful. all the same .the basis for our body of law is the bible.thou shalt not kill,steal,bear false witness(libel)etc -that's in the bible,is it not?

missionary work has been carried on around the globe and not the convert-seeking type but the type that ministers to the needs of people . food,medical attention,and just caring for them . south america,africa,asia etc for over 100 years.this is all on record-undeniable. people-american people-in american churches- paid for that. when the tsunami devastated asia last week, who was up front delivering basic necessities? according to AP release it was operation blessing,paid for by CBN (pat robertson-founder)donations from thousands of selfish american christians. this country isn't christian the way saudi arabia and iran are muslim,under penalty of death but since it's founding,america has always been a christian nation .
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