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Default Re: New bird flu outbreak in southern Siberia

And thats the point.

It sits around their for thousands of years minding it's own business and then decides to make a sudden appearence. It makes me just as mad as the Peak Oil bullshit and I gaze in amazement that they have the nerve to even put it over. And yet they do. So far successfully, though their are a few chinks in the armour.

I mean to have the world in a tiz over a dubious "flu" (coz thats what it is, plain old flu with a 2% mortality rate:-o) based on little or NO evidence, comparing mortality rates in the shithole called Asia with crap medical care with people who live in filth and sleep with their birds. I mean REALLY!

Did'nt we learn ANYTHING from SARS? Maybe NOMADS right? Just how stupid do people gotta be?
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