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Default Re: EURASIA - contemporary Khazar Jews Kingdom

This is a GREAT post, Institute!

In my opinion, you belong to the few who are aware of the central black hole of the NWO galaxy. But don`t be too cruel with the Khazars, they were once a respectable people, before falling in the power of the so-called 13th tribe...

In Hungary, it was always been an important Jewish population and many of them are probably descending from the Khazars. During WW2, they were badly betrayed by a few of them who helped the Nazis to kill about 600,000. Those who betrayed their brothers were Jewish too but they hold in contempt all those Jews whom they called the "Khazar" Jews. Moreover, many Hungarian Jews who were deported in the Nazi camps tried to save their lives by saying to the Nazis that "they were not really Jews but Khazars"...

The kabbalistic banksters who want to rule the planet refer to the Khazars only as a historical pattern of a successful powertaking by the "13th tribe". Powertaking on an existing free and prosperous people -the Khazars. They refuse any genetical connection between themselves and the Mongolo-Turkish Khazars. They pretend to belong to the "13th tribe" (the tribe of "Dan"), as well as part of the European nobiliarity who connect themselves with the "Bloodline" of Jesus (!), king David, king Solomon and ultimately Abraham.

It seems that mankind has still to evolve spiritually, until such childish and racist ideologies die definitively...
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