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the statement about freemasonry is irrelevant.there are and have always been christian freemasons.the vast majority of them are nominal members that gather at their meetings on a purely social basis and many are involveed in philanthropic causes such as shriners childrens hospitals .it is not a satanic organization,merely secular.
Oh, no, no, no.
There are freemasons who THINK they can still be Christians, even though they violated Christ's own teachings by taking their blood oath. There are freemasons who THINK they just belong to a social group that justifies itself through an all too flimsy association with charitable causes, but the truth is that they are all tools of the devil himself. There are even freemasons who try not to even THINK at all, because they're just along for the ride.
But the plain, bald truth is that anyone who would join a group that not only espouses occult, pagan teachings even in its most basic ceremonies and operates with a secret agenda of favoritism and special privileges exchanged amongst its members (translation:RACKETEERING, LIKE THE MAFIA) is no innocent lamb. These are people who are seeking out their own Faustian bargain, people who are overwhelmed with the vain and materialistic considerations of this world. One foot over the line is all the devil needs to drag someone into hell, and freemasonry provides him with that toehold.
I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but I know these people. I REALLY know them. They have hurt myself and my family innumerable times, just because we are decent God-fearing Christians who won't join up with them.
You need to go back to the drawing board and find some real, impartial sources of info on this, billiard, and not just the word of your father, who is obligated to lie -- even to you -- about the secrets of Freemasonry by "virtue" of his blood oath.
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