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Default Re: EURASIA - contemporary Khazar Jews Kingdom

John, I must admit you are right –we must not be cruel to Hazars, especially to naive and illiterate ordinary Hazar people who lived in the sixth century. Ordinary people could not be claimed guilty - they had to do what their tribe leaders ordered them to do.

Their tribe leaders , however ,must be responsible for siding with “13th tribe” Kabalists and allowing them to infiltrate their tribes.
Ruling class of Khazars embraced Judaism of Jewish “13th tribe”. So it must be that this Khazar “aristocracy” had something in common with the Kabalists and this symbiotic relationship lasted for several centuries.

The Jewish “13th tribe” leaders intermarried with Khazar tribes ruling class.
That is why they are the same group (it is the same today with Jewish Kabalists and European aristrocracy)

Jewish Khazaria was the first (and only so far) Kabalistic Kingdom in the history of mankind.
That is why they want to reconstitute it.

Of course, since they had system of casts ,it must be pointed out that not all the so called “Jews” had been ruling caste-
only “13th tribe” Kabalists intermarried with Khazar “aristocracy” were considered “royal” caste (when I talk about Khazar Jews master-race caste I refer ,exclusively on them).
Khazaria was ruled by the Khagan (also Kagan or Gaghan) who hailed from this hereditary "royal" Khazarian lineage.

It is the same today- European and Asian monarchs, as well as our political leaders allowed Kabalists to infiltrate and subvert our society.

In conclusion, I did not imply that Khazars subverted Judaism (because it is obvious that Judaism was subverted long time ago through Kabala, Talmud,Kahal etc.)
I just wanted to point out that Khazar tribe leaders and Jewish “13th” tribe Kabalists had been intermarried and become –one single caste.

Their ideology is "overdetermined"

Their aim is to revive this Kabalistic, Jewish Khazar Kingdom at the territories of Eurasia in fron of our eyes.

(regarding their genetic origin , I think that infamous scientists from ``Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry'' and the ``Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity.'' such as fascist Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Ernst Rudin, genetists Dr. Otmar Verschuer , Dr. Franz J. Kallmann, Dr. Josef Mengele etc. extensively studied this isssue, with methods available at that time.
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