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Default The Poms Ar'nt Far Behind...

Taking a new approach

By Professor Allyson MacVean, director of the John Grieve Centre for Policing and Community Safety

Tony Blair referred to a world fast forwarding into the future with momentous change and at unprecedented speed in his keynote speech to the Labour Party conference last month. This change, he argued, can either overwhelm us or make our lives better and our country stronger.

The need for change is not disputed: police forces themselves are the first to acknowledge the need to tackle crime more effectively and to better manage the risks that have recently been posed by complex and unpredictable threats to communities, such as terrorism.

Our understanding of what knowledge we have, or do not have, about criminality and its impact upon communities can only be tested by progressive initiatives, some which may be successful and some unsuccessful. These initiatives may include police methods that may be unconventional, built upon existing procedures or be transferred from practice elsewhere in the criminal justice system industry. Why, for example, should it not be possible to apply anti-social behaviour orders to criminals engaged in serious organised crime? If young people who engage in anti-social behaviour can be banned from geographical locations and disruptive families relegated to 'sin bins' with 24 hour security and CCTV, why can the same conditions not be imposed to those who harm society by more serious criminal activity?
Ah, here it comes. The throwing in of ALL criminal activity with "terrorism"...and then they take ya house, ya car, and maybe ya life.

Truly, the middle class saps are gunna lap this up! They create the shit social conditions and high unemployment and then offer the soloution...
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