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Yeah, I remember those little pamphlets, called Chic Tracts, or something like that.
There is one that shows a little drawing of a throne, and says that we must get off of the throne of our lives so that Jesus can occupy it, blah, blah.

My Bible says nothing about relenquishing self control and self will to another person. In fact, it says the opposite, in my opinion: we are given a Spirit of peace and of self-control.

But the idea of turning control over to another sounds suspiciously like a conversion tactic of cult mind-control programs. No thanks.

What God wants is for us to seek his will in our lives and be obedient to it. It's like a marvelous adventure, not like dragging chains around with a sad face.

Just like Jesus said: if you put what I tell you into practice, you'll know what reality is all about, and you will have personal freedom (my paraphrase).
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