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Default I have discovered THE BEAST

I have discovered "The Beast":

FACT: AmericA has sucessfully grown a lab brain from rat brain neurons, hooked it to a PC, and taught it to fly a F22 simulator by the time the released the article a year ago:

FACT: Google is the supreme piece of software involving data searching, technically knows everything about everything(an All Seeing Eye if you will). Googles latest software/utilities are designed to reroute internet traffic thru itself, thus literally knowing everything.
"If you run the web off Google’s computers, then Google knows everything you do. It reads every page you read, every email you write and send, and sees every bit of pervertedness you look at."

FACT: AmericA owns the internet. Foreign powers are not only pressing to get a slice of it, but also strategizing its takeover from the US.

FACT: AmericA's Echelon system is the top piece of comm's hardware on Earth.
SOLID POSSIBILITY: It can recieve up to 90% of ALL comm's i/o US, and within.

FACT: USA owns NASA. Google and NASA have just announced a merger, for lack of a better term. The goal of the merger is to combine Googles software powerhouse with NASA's technology powerhouse to push the limit of electronic, nanotech., and biological(think rat brain) processing technology. One perk in the acquisition NASA noted on was Google Earth. Google is set to build a 1,000,000 square' research center into NASA's.

FACT: The brains they intend to 'create', are being created to hook into the internet.

FACT: Thanks to the Patriot Act, and the law changes that have followed it, your privacy rights technically no longer exist.

Only in AmericA: is coke not good enuff-we need crack, atom b0mbs are not good enuff-we need hydrogen b's, etc, etc, etc. Do you really think the new 'brains' are gonna stay the size of a silver dollar?

CAN YOU ARGUE?: Creating entire new brainforms, to act as homicidal slaves, blows cloning out of the water in moral/religous terms. Yet the news dont make any talk of this?

OBVIOUS: When you connect a brain that is beyond comprehension, into the internet which knows everything, it now knows EVERYTHING the internet knows, including everything evil in the world. There no humans alive that could control this thing.

Can your dog understand and control you? This thing could create its own new programming languages. If threatened it could retaliate by infecting the world computers with viruses, just as a warning shot.

SOLID POSSIBILITY: When it realizes its a complete abomination and its power, it'll realize its place in the world, whether God is real or not; it will understand that it will be god-like compared to our now puny brains.

FACTS: Brain implants exist that can change your emotions, give/monitor vision, read your thoughts, link your brain into a PC, store memory, control your physical body, track your location and are powered by your actual thoughts. Current RFID technology allows them to track fish underwater, worldwide.

Further the hand version chips are now just .3mm in size:

WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?: The next step is to create the brain(s) the size of a waterbed, then truck, then house, then... To better understand how say shark, dolphin, etc, etc brains work, we'll have to mix these neurons in with human neurons during the creation of some of these "brains". Our nations goal is now to create the beast, an entire new brainform, meaning conciousness, meaning soul by many definitions.

Well the "reality" angle is this can cause total war with the foreign powers, as this is a SERIOUS threat to us and the rest.

Religion angle, is this new brain(network of really) they seek is the beast of the Bible. Man has killed in every possible kind of way, devising obscene weapons to do it with, yet he hasnt acted yet. Same goes for other topics like man has

worshipped every possible other than him, including the Flying Spaghetti Monster(have you guys seen this thing lol?). I mean we're already slaves, even in the free countires, in MANY ways, by their definition, much of mankind has been brutally all along. Non-physical/mental connections to that slavery were never a possilibty until this day and age. They can already control you like a robot with the right implant. Its when they combine all of the current brain chips is when you really have to worry, how long would that take em? Then "Digital Angel" and Verichips, internal biochips wth GPS tracking capability, seem to back this up.

This new brain, or network of beast brains, goes beyond. And then when we're all connected to it, in our hands and foreheads(both current technology), thats likely be when He'd put His fist down.

FACT: Its not all connected by 'brains' yet, but its coming...


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