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Default Is religion opium for the people?

When I first read this saying by Karl Marx quite frankly I was offended being smoeone who believes in God. As I have matured and opened my mind. I realize that in a certain context that statement is correct. When people connect with religion emotionally and not rationally, then the religion begins to numb both the senses and the mind. Religion is only meant to be a way of life in which man strives towards human excellence. To reach human excellence your mind has to be opened. When I read scriptures (Bible, Quran) I view all of the prophets as concepts personified. They were concepts that were expressed in the person of a human being. All of these concepts were finally materialized in Prophet Muhammed. The proof is that he is the only prophet that we have evidence that he ever lived. There are blood relatives of his in middle east along with his tomb. So for me Adam does not represent the first human being. He represents God's acknowledgement that he does not recognize you as human until you become conscious of your purpose on earth and then begin to work toward that purpose. Adam's purpose was to show reverence for God by building a God concious society on earth. In the Bible you have three figures represented Adam, Eve, and Satan as a snake. All three are symbolic to make up one person. Eve represents human emotions and the snake represent the human mind. So it was the mind that sinned, not the flesh. The mind tells the flesh what to do and the flesh only follow instructions. In the Bible the moral of the story is that if man allows his mind to respond to his emotional makeup then he would fall from grace. As long as the mind stay focus on what God wants (Taqwa), then man can never fall from grace. What is my reference for all of this. The holy Quran. If you are a true believer in God, then you should read the Quran. The Quran describes itself as a book for the believers. The word believers are mentioned more times than Muslims. It will help open up the hidden symbolism in the Bible. When the holy Quran does not mention something that is stated in the Bible, it only means that what is stated in the Bible is symbolic (hidden). So mention of eve and the snake and the garden of eden is not in the holy Quran, so that means that they are symbolic. So back to Adam. So now you see why it is silly to have a war between science and religion. They are both right. God made creation, but the creation had to evolve to the excellence that God wants. In Islam, Adam is a prophet. There is no need for a prophet if their are no people. Sure there were people before Adam. We had the cave man, who only lived like an animal. He was only concerned about food, water, shelter, clothing, sex, and play. All animals live life that way. I know you laugh and say that most human beings are living there life that way. You are correct, but based on the knowledge of revelations they have not reached the Adam state yet. Animals already live their life based on survival. As humans we were given a brain to utilize so we could evolve past our animal state to a higher state. This is what the Egyptian sphinx represents. So when the caveman's mind is opened and he begins to share and work with his neighbors and build society to meet the needs of others, then he becomes Adam. God communicates to him through the natural environment. The knowledge that I'm sharing with you is what is going to free the world from slavery. You study and research what I gave you and then share it with others. This what I just shared with you is peanuts. I still would like to share with you what Jesus represents and some of the other symbolism in the Bible. In the movie, Matrix Neil was told to free his mind. He was given a choice between the blue pill and the red pill. Your response will determine which pill you choose.


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