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Default Re: "The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz" - A Must Watch!

Just look at him! I can just see him at home at 7 years old. I feel sorry for his parents. They would'nt have stood a chance.

I admire that a virtual kid, off his own back and I think with a genuine desire for truth and not just to attack a "sacred cow" has done this. Quite inspiring.

A friend has told me that he received alot of grief over this and has since "recanted"...on his knee's i hope! (you see, the sun DOES revolve around the earth!).

But then again...what did he expect?

I sympathise with him as i was doing a bit of sacred cow burning in my own field and was surprised just how much i was attacked. You believe the truth is enough...but not so.

I hope he goes on to make others with a sharp nose for bullshit like that.
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