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Default Re: Message From Mr Icke

What a sook!

You dont get into this stuff for money!

I am sick of people like Icke. They come online giving all thise 'free' advice or rumour or whatever and then all of a sudden they have the credit card facilities up and running demanding payment.

Icke should realise that %90 of his clientel are teenage kids. With no credit card or spare cashola outside their playstation game money.

Speaking the truth is not about 'sophism'. Selling 'truth' for cash. That is an intellectual prostitute as Socrates stated.

You want to play this game then prepare to be POOR.

That is the way it goes and the way God sorts the wheat from the chaff. The pretenders from the glorified wannabee's who are up for 'glory' of the marginalised outsider fighting for truth and long as it does'nt cost to much.

Icke, just slink off and admit you're not up to it. You've done enough wrecking the good work of others. Maybe if you gave the lizards a miss the grown ups with the cash would come to the party?

Just try it?
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