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Default Re: I don't understand all the fighting, and why people keep accusing BlueAngle of being a narc

Wow...such intrigue...

Na, BA just chucked a we do :-?

She was half the problem and should have stopped replying to the trolling.

If torchithill has a problem he should explain it instead of rabbiting on like a raving loony.

I hope it's not the other torchlithill as he seemed a nice guy.

Whatever...all this bullshit about I.P's...anyone with some nous can do it and certainly the intelligence agencies can do it so big deal.

And so what...someone's got you're I.P? They have a number and the address of your I.P. Big deal. They'll then need a search warrent to demand the details of the I.P's customer.

And even if they could...what then? Assassination squads at dawn? Give me a fucking break.

This is a two bit forum with a few regular posting members with a religious twist of it's own. The biggest idiot was banned. And RIGHTLY so!

I prefered the foul language and semi debate of yesteryear with the arch villian FREE MASON BOY and others...
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