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Default Re: 'We're calling Howard's bluff'

The federal government is treating voters and the parliament with contempt by introducing its anti-terror legislation on Melbourne Cup day, shadow attorney-general Nicola Roxon said today.
Well fancy that?

The desperation is telling. They are really desperate and i'd love to know why 'Winston' is in such a hurry. Have the masters called and demanded to know why it's still not safe for the Elite kiddie fiddlers et al to "come on down"?

The bird flu and this has really got me...the pathetic and ridiculous nature of it...the complete "reaching" bordering on the absurd. Whats up?

Something in the air? Soon?

Well, the good thing about it all is this. I feel VERY confident that when push comes to shove, the cliched Oz spirit of anti-authority, Ned Kelly, Chopper Read, Eureka Stockade will show itself once again...if the footies not on.

Once all this TALK is actually transformed into concrete reality and Ozzie slobs are being asked for their "papers" and their cars searched at road blocks we will see how it all pans out.

The NWO masters just do not understand the Oz nature if they think we will take it. We are not Americans...even if deep down we want to be.
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