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Default Re: 'We're calling Howard's bluff'

I'm not - I'm vehemently opposed to both pieces of legislation. The absolute gall of Howard to say 'trust me' in relation to how the laws will be used, is amazing.

Lets look at his record of trust, shall we:

- A GST? Never, ever.
- that was a non-core promise
- there were children thrown overboard
- there were weapons of mass destruction
- parliamentary codes of conduct being breached

Nice for him to say 'if you don;t like the offer, get another job'. Once he's gone, he never has to work another day in his life - super he can get at immediately, tax-payer funded office, staff, and allowance for life.

I detest him, and practically everyone else in government who has not stood up and said anything against both the IR legislation, as well as the anti-terror stuff.

And the apathy of the general public about this stuff - it beggars belief!
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