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Default Re: EURASIA - contemporary Khazar Jews Kingdom

Israel 'could join euro.'

BERLIN, Jan. 11 (UPI) -- Israel could be a future member of the European Union, a top EU official suggested Tuesday.

Germany's Gynter Verheugen, vice-president of the European Commission in Brussels and the official in charge of Europe's economic modernization plans, claimed, in the long-term, he would "not even rule out monetary union," in which Israel would adopt the euro as its currency.

Writing in the latest issue of the German monthly journal "Internationale Politik," Verheugen said he could "imagine Israel being widely integrated into the European economic structures" and "being a full participant in the internal market".

Two years ago, while he was commissioner for enlargement, steering the 10 countries of central and eastern Europe into the European Union, Verheugen caused a stir by first raising the possibility of a special relationship between Israel and the EU, and spoke of "a single market from Oslo to Jerusalem."

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That's probably a more likely outcome than anything else. I've always viewed one of the driving goals of the NWO to create a world of "trilateralism", i.e., three big trading blocks (not unlike what Orwell portrayed in 1984): Oceania (which uses the "amero" currency); Eurasia (which uses the "euro" currency); and Eastasia (which uses the "yuan" currency);

Since I don't see Israel joining up w/ the yuan anytime soon, and since Israel isn't exactly in Oceania (i.e., Western Hemisphere), then yeah... I guess sooner or later they'd have to join up w/ the EU..
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