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Default Re: Why must I convert???

You are adding things that i did't say.

Only God is the judge of people. i am talking about culture and the effects of mutli culturalism, something which i do not believe in because its destructive for all parts.

If you re read you will see that I said that there are good and bad followers in any religion.

But before I continue I would like to say:

1- I think Bush sucks,he is a liar and a knieving thief

2- I think the war in Iran is a sham

3- I have the highest regrads for those Irakee muslims fighting against the invaders

You don't know to much about those islam zealots in Europe they are killing Europeans because they say that islam opreses women, Or They say something that is not to their liking about muhamed of there religion.

Did you know?

That If a muslim converts to any other religion he can be killed by there sharia law.

That It is punishable by death for in Muslim countrie to preach to muslims.

I agree with you that most of the muslims are kind and simple but don't let that blind you to the devastating effect they can have on western society. Starting with women,they are treated as almost nothing.

Last week in france a young muslim girl about 18 was killed by her familly because she refuseed to marry someone chosen for her, this is not an isolated account

And the list goes on and on if you don't think there is a culture clash you are living in la la land.

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