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Default Re: "The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz" - A Must Watch!

Good point, Bouncer.

I remember reading somewhere that the true reason and the true nature of the experiments at the Nazi prison camps is yet to be revealed, if at all. If memory serves me correctly, the writer of the article alluded to mind control; hence the Nazi camps were not camps of extermination, they were used to experiment on people for the development of "non-lethal" technologies, all sponsored by the international banksters, feeling no guilt for exposing the goyim and their lesser, poorer racial brethren as guinea pigs.

It brings to mind a kind of mystery - a paradox:

If America was infiltrated and overthrown by the Jews' usurpation of control of money by the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and hence them being in control during WW2 and ever since, how come America, i.e. the Jews, saw no problem in importing "former" Nazi scientists, military and intelligence personnel through Project Paperclip?

Could it be because Nazism and Zionism has always collaborated?

If the above claim is true, could it be stated that Nazism is so close to Zionism as to be almost identical to it*, considering the closeness of their racial ideologies to eachother and their general political agenda, and considering the allegation that many top Nazis were in fact of Jewish blood, as claimed by some historians, like Dietrich Bronder, who was himself a Jew?

* A recent Zionist convert, the then world-famous popular biographer Emil Ludwig, was interviewed by a fellow Zionist on a visit to America and expressed the general attitude of the Zionist movement:

“Hitler will be forgotten in a few years, but he will have a beautiful monument in Palestine. You know”, and here the biographer-historian seemed to assume the role of a patriarchal Jew – “the coming of the Nazis was rather a welcome thing. So many of our German Jews were hovering between two coasts; so many of them were riding the treacherous current between the Scylla of assimilation and the Charybdis of a nodding acquaintance with Jewish things. Thousands who seemed to be completely lost to Judaism were brought back to the fold by Hitler, and for that I am personally very grateful to him.”
<a href="">Lenni Brenner in Zionism in the Age of the Dictators Chapter 6. The Jewish Anti-Nazi Boycott and the Zionist-Nazi Trade Agreement</a>
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