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Default Re: Hoffman on Buchanan: How the Cryptocracy Chooses Their "Opposition"

Draken wrote:

Buchanan is supposed to be a conservative opposed to affirmative action but here he is implying there is nothing wrong with reserving a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court for Judaics as long as they are "brilliant" or have "credentials." (Actually President Bill Clinton reserved two such seats). But the first question that comes to mind is, why does Buchanan want us to think that the outrageous practice of reserving a judgeship on the US Supreme Court for a Judaic is "nothing wrong"?
I would guess that it is a preemptive strike against any objections, but he did not frame it properly so it becomes a negative affirmation, meaning he introduced the idea that something should be wrong, but he doesn't think so. Doublespeak 101.

It is obviously preferential treatment, but we are supposed to wink at it; I think this is what he means. It is more likely political that an endorsement of the superiority of Judaic justices.
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