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Default Re: President Abraham Lincoln to the Bilderburg Group, the New World Order, and Illuminati

Bouncer wrote:

Suggestion: get this book and check the index for Linclon Civil War, etc. It's a nice addition to your posted information.

It also tells of forced labor and slavery of native americans in other parts of the country; this included cooperation of local law enforcement to keep the trafficking going.
I have received your telegraph, Mister Bouncer, in relation to certain divers and sundry ways and means of our governing corpus at large.

Thus, seeing as how the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, and the Novus Ordo Seclorum have made insurgent declarations and have incited riotous acts of treason against this our great union of states, it has become concomitent for our citizentry to rise up together in one unified harmony of will and intent in response to such threats to the general liberty and good order of the populace.

Therefore, it is necessary that these their declarations of general warfare against the civilians of the states be both answered, challenged, and defeated.

It was for this cause that I, one Abraham Lincoln, found it most needful at this time to give this opening address to the New World Order.
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