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Default Are Zionists Preparing a New School Shooting?

Found a link to this short post on
Does anyone know who the person writing is? Is it reliable info?

Saturday, October 22, 2005
<a href="">Are Zionists Preparing a New School Shooting?

Vigilance Would Prevent it</a>
By Cyte

The Zionist program of <a href="">school shootings for gun control</a> has just been dealt a big blow. Congress passed the <a href="">Gun Shield Law</a> on Thursday thanks to successful lobbying efforts by the National Rifle Association. The new law protects the firearms industry from massive lawsuits brought by crime victims.

Last Wednesday in Alaska, a new <a href="">anti-gun-control law</a> was passed that allows the carrying of concealed weapons without a permit, even in the seven Alaska cities where permits are now required.

And then there are those never ending indictments of Zionist spies...

Zionists are livid.

Are they going to unleash another one of their well-groomed satanic
<a href="">Klebolds</a>?

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