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Default Re: Is religion opium for the people?

I have never read the Quaran properly (hell, i hav'nt read the bible properly either!) but what it says sounds pretty good.

I believe that the Quaran is probably divinely inspired. There is certainly something with the number '19', in it...what that means to the individual? I think that it means it is NOT the product of an ego but comes fresh from the unconscious which always leaves a certain 'patterned' imprint. The same with the N.T and the O.T.

I think one of the problems with this tension between the 3 religions is that one is supposed to nullify the other when in fact it is merely to 'add'. To build on. We do not have to throw the baby out with the bath water.

My instincts point me strongly towards Christ and those 4 Gospels. I can do this without having to 'throw out' the Quaran and make that untrue. The stark reality for me at the moment is that Christianity 'resonates' with me far more strongly than Islam. That is simply a practical 'fact'. There is no need to theorize.

Religion is a process of continual unfolding. The revalation of God does not end with the coming or return of Christ...there is more to come.

I believe the New World Order is at it's heart divinely inspired. The Churches of the West inparticular have so failed in their task and become such sycophants to worldy power that God wants a shake up. I think they're listening as I note the Anglican Church inparticular coming out strongly against the policies of the Howard they should.

Also, the churches need to give people the 'tools' to know God. That is astrology and dream work for the average person as they are not capable of prayer. To find out who i am as an individual and what God expects of me in this life. At it's heart, is'nt this what the three desert religions are talking about? As long as their are no tools people will continue to drift to the more occult practices in search of an experience of God in this dry materialistic world.

We must go beyond simply looking up to God like a small and vulnerable child looking for comfort and instead pick up our cross and carry it. All the while asking God if i'm on the right track. How can one do this in a world like this with a million and one distractions and an Elite program to rid the world of subservience to a supernatural God?

With great difficulty.
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