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Default Re: Is there anyway of stopping NWO?

The desire to change the world is a childish illusion.

You can only be responsible for your own immediate surroundings.

I have gotton over the greater pain of this when I actually realised that I was'nt God and was NOT responsible.

I talk to people about the Elite program of control EVERY day. I get better at it and come accross more knowledgable EVERY day. People who laughed at me 5 years ago ar'nt laughing but their are always replacements.

When you talk of the NWO program and what you say becomes reality...people will respect you're views.

Focus on the Oil scam. The banking scam and the drug scam.

People can relate to all these things.

Already the "Peak Oil" scam is falling apart and watch the backpeddling. How? Every day people talking about something that affects ever day people.
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