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Default Re: Why must I convert???

Oh dearie me.

I apologize if I added something you didn't say.

You really need to learn about the true nature of Islam. DiD you know that the French government also said that Moslem girls could not wear their scarves to school?

Their are fanatics in every religion. What about the Christian child with burn marks up her arms at 11 years old because she refused to submit to sexual abuse???

You are right, there is good and bad in everything, just like night and day. I understand how multiculturalism is set out to break apart nationalism and faith.

AND... the Moslem male is generally more man than most "Christian" males. He may be a pig, but at least he's not a perv. He may be dumb enough to Lord his male position over his partner in life, not unlike many a Christian male who beats his wife and... the family unit is sacred. It is the heart of Islam. Seems to me it is supposed to be the heart of Christianity. I could be wrong.

Didn't Christ come for everyone?

Mary XXX

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