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Default Re: When will all this go down in the US

my prediction for the official start of the NWO to take effect (where they call themselves the NWO and cold boot the global network of regional branches of government) is April 8, 2031. Jesus lived to a ripe old age of 31, (or was it 32? if he was 32, then I predict 2032) and it's been estimated that Jesus was born around April, so, I predict that exactly 2000 years after Our Lord was incarnated as a man, that would be when the Devil's smack in the face of God will be officially seen. It would be so 'fitting' and 'gratifying' for the actual antichrist to announce himself on the exact 2000th anniversary.

A message to the person who told me in a PM about Heavy Metal Music being the Devil's music . . . hardly, now . . . ITS TOO OBVIOUS!!! Look at Rap and Latin Musics . . . they have more sinning mentioned in these with fucking and drugging and killing than heavy metal EVER did. Chew on THAT.

Not to say that heavy metal is good for the soul, because it's not, but I've noticed that the demonic powers are more subtle than that. I just like the dirty guitar sound, and the crunch of the electric bass. I could care less about what they sing, so long as it sound poetic and it rhymes. I pay just about no mind.

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