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Default Re: "The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz" - A Must Watch!

For example, he delayed railcars providing supplies to front line troops in the Soviet Union so that Jews could be deported by rail from the USSR to death camps.
Thats bollocks. They just shot them into ditches and the locals certainly did'nt muck around with local Jews (particularly in the Baltics) who had been central to Soviet control their.

The vast majority of Jews simply died of exposure along with most of the locals and as for transporting Jews to the west for extermination...the problem was that the 'golden pheasant' Gautliers of the East were knocking off the local Jewish tradesman so fast local industry was suffering and it had to be stopped. They wer'nt being transported West. They were shot on site...apparently.

And this is the point. What to believe? Their were undoubtably 'atrocaties'...hell, WW2 was one big atrocity.

What of Vietnam and May Lei...and that disgusting little war in general? Exact replicas I can believe in the USSR by frustrated troops being knocked off by the giant partisan movements...ABSOLOUTLY no excuse and disgusting behaviour I cant even imagine...

To be honest...the evidence for such atrocities in general is slim although their are 'second hand' type reports like a certain General complaining that a giant ditch full of bodies was contaminating the water table etc...

The point is...the 'specifics' of the holocaust are bollocks. The specific program of "The Jewish Question" did not happen. Did Jews suffer and die? Undoubtably and I take the view of David Irving that I certainly feel for the innocent in that hell. To imagine my 6 month old neice crammed onto a cattle truck is bad enough and already one has lost their humanity.

The "Holocaust" as being used by the Zionists for the benefit of their program of keeping the State of Israel in perpetual motion is a fraud and like ANY witness they are TOTALLY discredited...therefore, anything that has come from their mouths and others as to the "murderous barbarity" of the Nazi's is up for argument.

Only a vast and open debate on ALL aspects of the lead up and conducting of WW2 will get to the bottom of it. I look forward to it.
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