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Default Re: "The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz" - A Must Watch!

Take a look at what true Jews have to say

Traditional Jews Are Not Zionists

Although there are those who refuse to accept the teachings of our Rabbis and will continue to support the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally unaware of the history of Zionism and its contradiction to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews.
Words of the Rabbis Opposing Zionism - Today's Quote
Rabbi Amram Blau Rabbi Amram BlauThe Jewish People are absolutely opposed to any injury against the Arab nation. The Arab nation never harmed the Jewish People until the advent of Zionist nationalism. The Jewish People are commanded by the Torah to seek the peace of the governments where they are citizens, and not to rebel against any nation, G-d forbid, especially when this concerns the Holy Land, to which we are forbidden to engage in mass immigration.

Jews who follow the Torah are not even suspected of murder or any injury against any person, and we are severely prohibited from engaging in any violent action, including in relation to the struggle over Palestine. Judaism is totally opposed to nationalism, and in fact Jews have refused to move to the Zionist state even though the state proclaims itself as the representative of the Jewish People.
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