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Default Re: "The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz" - A Must Watch!

Rabbi Amram Blau: The Jewish People are absolutely opposed to any injury against the Arab nation. The Arab nation never harmed the Jewish People until the advent of Zionist nationalism. The Jewish People are commanded by the Torah to seek the peace of the governments where they are citizens, and not to rebel against any nation, G-d forbid, especially when this concerns the Holy Land, to which we are forbidden to engage in mass immigration.

Jews who follow the Torah are not even suspected of murder or any injury against any person, and we are severely prohibited from engaging in any violent action, including in relation to the struggle over Palestine. Judaism is totally opposed to nationalism, and in fact Jews have refused to move to the Zionist state even though the state proclaims itself as the representative of the Jewish People.
1. The above highlighted claim does not guarrantee Torah-believing Jews committing crimes anyway. It's hardly an argument that just because the religious scriptures believed by anyone prohibits certain crimes, therefore the adherents of those religious scriptures are incapable of committing such crimes!
What one says and what ones does are two completely different things.

"The Eighth Commandment forbids stealing. Have you ever heard that fact brought up in the defence of a Christian on trial for that crime? Can you imagine prisoner's counsel arguing that John Smith could not have stolen a purse from William Brown because the Christian religion forbids such a thing? More, can you imagine counsel getting away with such an argument? But that is what the Jews have often succeeded in doing."
(<a href="">Quote</a> from Arnold Leese's book on Jewish Ritual Murder)

2. The Torah, i.e. the first five books of the Old Testament is not exactly a collection of texts exhibiting love of peace nor tolerance toward other peoples nor rejection of violence.

"...thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt not make no coventant with them, nor show mercy unto them." (Deut. vii. 2-3.)

I can't be bothered to find more examples, of which I'm sure everyone is aware there are plenty.

Hence, professing to be a Torah-believing person - Jew or not! - simply does not guarrantee or prove anything, apart from that according to the "holy" scripture one believes in, in this case the Old Testament, does NOT exclude violence, war and oppression against other peoples.
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