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Default Re: “Michael Ruppert Becomes Front Man for Illuminati Depopulation Agenda”

Ruppert can be nothing else but a plant from the start.

I say this as his dogmatic stance on 'Peak Oil" and global population reduction from a man as intelligent as himself has me completely stumped.

He certainly has the credentials as a plant with his strong family ties to Intelligence services.

He is neck...or indeed over his head in with the oil industry. Completely. This is inexplicable.

Perhaps all those years in the wilderness have got to him. Getting free first class tickets to Peak Oil conferences must be more seductive than I thought.

Peak oil is a scam in more ways than one. It is justifying war which has it's own agenda.

Please read Gorge Orwells 1984 very carefully.

Below is an e-mail i sent to Henry Makow who I respect very much.

"The Pentagons New Map" Thomas Barnett.
I believe to understand what is going on one must understand the common enemy of ALL Elites...LOCAL POPULATIONS.

WE are the enemy and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

These wars main function is nothing but pure and simple "Wag The Dog". Distract and preoccupy an increasingly restless local population increasingly demanding real freedom and democracy.

Forget control of Energy. This is rubbish. They already control it. The Elites of the Middle East know what will happen to them as do others. There is no oil shortage and oil does not come from dead dinosaus and ancient of the biggest cons EVER put on a populace in history.

Energy protection is the ruse that will justify the incredible police state about to descend over our heads. People will swallow wars for oil like a foul tasting hang over cure. They wont like it but they'll accept it.

All this China is coming crap is becoming very monotonous. There is NO friction between U.S and Chinese is being used to control both Chinese and U.S populations. China is having big problems with their local's. They push competition with America to distract a population badly bruised from an incredibly brutal dictatorship.

Continuous war is but one mechanism of controlling populations. The big problem for Elites in the U.S is that because of the rapid internet response, 9-11 has failed. And because of that same internet they are VERY unsure of how to proceed. Hence I believe the Asian Tsunami. Just the tip of what is to come this year.

They are going to have to get very clever or else I beleieve thay may resort to more brutal methods. A nuclear is this year or not at all.

The Elites are very worried about the coming destruction of their sacred cow which has financed and controlled so many of their actions of the past 50 years.

That sacred cow is that energy is EXTREMELY finite and therefore must cost money and cause wars.

When "fossil fuel" theory is exposed for what it is...a giant fraud...there is going to be some VERY big fall out.

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