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Default Re: what's the number one government tool used for indoctrination and social engineering?

I say that's where the basics are given to us. It is continued in the mass media to a greater extent, I believe.

There are four basic levels that I am aware of:

1) Learning symbols and symbolic language. Examples: reading and writing, and the significance of symbols such as the flag, the crucifix, Star of David, and especially symbols of authority.

2) Learn to attribute perception and emotional bias to the symbols. Pride and patriotism attaches to the flag, which in turn evokes love of country, etc.

3) Learn to be manipulated by the use of these household icons, e.g. watching news items in which arabs, or those horrible Democrats, are burning the American flag. This should evoke hatred and anger towards those who desecrate the symbolic item.

4) Manipulation in the moment of emotional response to direct the emotion and susequent actions towards the "enemy" chosen by the neocons.
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