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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

These are bad ideas.

You play into their hands.

You may find it personally satisfying but it is rather childlike.

In the U.S you still have the state aparatus available to you to effect change. As do we here in Australia.

People are always suckers for the truth.

Speak the truth. Thats all you have to do.

Focus on the private banking cartel and the oil industry. The two biggest scams we have.

DC, i realise your frustration. In the past I seriously thought about picking up a gun and putting a bullet through John Howards head (P.M of Oz). I could'nt bear the sight of dead Iraqi children.

Simply plug away with the facts.

We cant lose.

Be careful you are not simply indulging your own frustrations that things are not moving at the pace you want.

Infants rage and get angry when the world does not mirror their point of view. This is normal for an infant. It is dangerous for an adult.

Do not become like 'W' and his ilk.

I understand the frustration though.

DC i mean no disrespect.
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