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Default Re: "The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz" - A Must Watch!


Do you mean concentration camps in general? Then yes i've seen plenty and YES it is pretty darn convincing...that alot of people were in concentration camps.

The point is the "holohoax" does not add up. That "war crimes" were committed...well, a VERY tentative yes as my faith in war time history is pretty shattered. Particularly from 1943 on and PARTICULARLY post firebombings late '43 where WHOLE cities were levelled in Germany and you can excuse alot of ordinary Germans for not caring to much for wartime convention when their entire families have just gone up in smoke. But that was probably the British (inparticular) plan. To enrage the Germans into further barbarity just like they planned when they murdered Hydrich after noting the Czheks (sorry for spelling) were working a little to well for German industry where they were treated like gold compared to the former Chzeck government...more evidence of German barbarity?

In fact i'd like to turn around the ENTIRE load of accusations and point them directly back at the Allies. DRAK has posted extensively on the 1 million plus German POW dead AFTER the war! The LEVELLING of German cities having spurious or ABSOLOUTLY N-O target quality other than a civilian population. The encouragement of the mostly COMMUNIST French resistence to kill and mutilate German soldiers in France to incite the Germans to retribution. The releasing of the Morgenthau Planinto the public domain which called for putting Germany back to a pre industrial age...and GAURANTEEING that ordinary Germans would fight to the death in many cases and ensuring that Hitler, teetering on the verge of Coup d'état, would remain in power as the bridges appeared burnt. These are just a few of the FACTS as opposed to the "made up" witness testimony.

We should also remember that Concentration Camp Commanders and people like Goering and even HIMMLER! waxed lyrical on the future positions they would hold in post war Germany! The "mass murder'ers" were sounding pretty confident! Now why is that? Could it be because they "wer'nt" mass murder'ers?

I say lets have the truth. It's going to happen regardless. We need "facts" and we need "context". That dont judge soldiers and commanders in absoloute terms but you say if they massacered a village it might be worth mentioning that the battallion has been fighting non stop for 3 days and nights, had lost many men to partisan activity and had heard a week earlier that their home town was levelled and many loved ones dead...and theirs your context. Not an excuse, just context. And what context did American and British commanders have after the war to leave 1 million German pow's to starve? Bad day at the office?

The Concentration Camp inmates starved late in the war because there was N-O road or rail system intact from 1945 on and before to varying degree's. EVERYONE was starving and that is a simple fact. The Germans could barely kkep their own soldiers and citizens fed. Again, what was the Allies excuse?

Regardless, we need to simply let the "facts" as they can be ascertained speak.

Alot of people and reputations are at stake. Just look how long they kept Ultra under wraps. Now why was that? For NO other reason than the fact that being able to read your opponents ENTIRE order of battle at ALL times made victory inevitable and would shatter the illusion of the wonderful Allies who would NEVER have won without that info and the MASSIVE treasonous activity of the many Communists in the general ranks and Masons within the Prussian Officer corp.

The documentaries are STILL crapping on about the Battle Of Britain as some sort of "saving grace" when it has been known for 50 years that Hitler NEVER intended to invade and was merely entertaining Stalin in the East with the air show and a few barges on the beach. But STILL the myth goes on. And on...and on...
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