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Default Re: Look Out! China's Comin Ta Get Ya! Booga, Booga!!!!

People, people! Lend me your ears! Or at least your ocular capacity for one short momento!

Their are 3 things I am sure gut is getting bigger but not if I hold it in more. The best souvlaki's are at Peters By The Sea in Scarborough and China poses a threat to no one.

Chine EXISTS on 50 billion a month of foreign investment...nearly all from the U.S and Europe. Pull it...China is NO MORE! Tell me you get it? Please tell me you get it?

The giant armed forces are mainly for internal security of which China is suffering heavily as the peasantry is getting pissed off that 800 million are getting no peice of the pie...and how do we distract our peasantry? You talk up war with a foreign power.

Their weapons systems on the whole are antiquated by U.S standards. Should the U.S decide to take out China's air defence systems tomorrow and wipe out it's air force, they will do it before morning tea. Raptor fighters and even old f-15's will fire off salvo after salvo of AMRAAM missiles which have so far exhibited 1 for 1 kill. First time, every time under all conditions. They are soon to be based in Oz. Which is why they must beat up China to get the bases where they want and keep the defence funding going.

Simply forget China. The show is for you and the Chinese peasantry. Do any of you for one second believe the Communist Elite thugs in China want a war of annhialtion with the mightiest power to EVER grace the Earth? What is it with Americans? They have this continued image of themselves as vestile virgins, defenceless and about to be raped from a foreign are not a vestal virgin, you're a 300 pound professional wrestler with attitude. Get it? Do ANY of you know the capacities of the U.S military to fight conventional warfare? I mean ANY of you? Just because the yanks are getting their butts kicked in an insurgency does not mean for one moment China stands a chance. China will be ANNHIALATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China has 200-300 nuclear weapons. U.S 7000!!!!!!! So what if China has a 3 million man army, the U.S has plenty of cluster bombs to wipe out row after any like row of them.

You are all supposed to be astute observers and NOT falling for this shit. Educate yourselves for Christs sake.
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