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Default Re: Look Out! China's Comin Ta Get Ya! Booga, Booga!!!!

All i'm saying is that China is where China is because thats the way the Western powers want her, and at the appropriate time they will dispense with her which perhaps leads us back to square one and in the end in actual agreement.

That the Chinese Elite could be so stupid surprises me and really leaves me to believe that they are "in on it".

They could easily benefit from a limited nuclear exchange with large portions of their non-productive citizenry gotton rid of and after 1o-15 years the background radiation would be minimal in the central provinces where most of the weaponry will be aimed...just like they left the internal security apparatus of Saddam intact.

That the world is headed for a showdown i have no doubt. Just dont believe it is some 'natural' progression. WW3 will be COMPLETELY manufactured with the FULL co-operation of the local Elites who have everything to gain...complient populations well and truly under the thumb with their power base intact. Who cares if you answer to Washington or Jerusalem if you run an ENTIRE country and have so much power you dont know what to do with yourself.
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