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Default Re: Jews victimized by other Jews

Hard to believe is'nt it?

You know, we need a knew term.

The Jew is successful because his mindset is material? And he does well in this iron dark age soon to be a technological dark age because of this?

Is this the point of Christ's coming? To show the chosen Jew that he must forgo this state of mind and strive for the higher values?

What does this then say for the rest of the human race hurrying along after him down into the materialist abyss? No one puts a gun to your head and says be a materialistic bastard. Most of us here have managed to break the spell have we not? Are we geniuses? Gifted? Chosen people?

I will never stop criticising the Jewish state of mind. But I will certainly do well to remember that an awful lot of non Jews seem perfectly happy following along under the same spell.

Perhaps in the end their is only 2 kinds of people. Those with hearts and those without, mixed with varying levels from day to day inbetween.

Carl Jung said it was a great shame that Mother Nature was not so giving in both the heart and the head. For surely we need a good balance of both.

The above article shows people totally divorced from their hearts and even beyond that too, God knows where.

Yes, they'll start a war.
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