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Default Re: The Epic Crime That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Well, evil is as evil does. Everyone knows the military is for killing, not for help or rescue. That kind of behavior can be expected from them.
You bet. I was ROFL when that footage of killing that Iraqi in Iraq came on the telly and everyone was outraged. How freakin ridiculous. IT'S WAR! Whenever you hear of war this is whats happening. Their are no nice wars, or noble wars just flesh being ripped to peices.

That Marine was justified in that Mosque on that particular issue. His big mistake was being filmed. I would'nt be fucking around during house to house fighting. It's all out kill or be killed.

As for that baseball bat weilding can see that group mentality everywhere through all races at all times. Carl Jung called it that "thin veneer of civilization" that gets stripped away oh so easily. What a gutless dog. A real man would have stood up and baseball batted that cook right back for being such a low life coward.

As for Pilger. He is a U.N "useful idiot" though a good one. He's right up their with Kaminski. I saw Pilger speak at Curtain University. He is a genuinely good and decent person who will get straight into heaven.
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