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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

Do mason lodges still hold meetings in the U.S and canada.
Here in Australia only a minority of lodges still hold actual masonic meetings to my knowledge.
I was under the impression lower level Masons lost their usefulness sometime after ww2!
Can any one enlighten me on this point!

As for joining them why not simply join a Rotary, Lions or Apex club to begin with!. All these so called community organisation we have here in Australia are derviatives of Freemasary so i discovered recently. So iam sure you could by simply joining one these groups work towards your goal maybe!
Do you nth americans also i get other remnants of other fraternal orders.The Masons were only one of many.How about the The Grand United order of Oddfellows.How about your notorious and violent klu klux klan created by Albert Pike the same guy that was big in U.S Freemasonry. :-?
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