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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

These groups you mention are all part and parcel of the Freemasonic Monster. Many of the civic organizations are used as recruiting grounds for Freemasonry. Rotary and Kiwanis are two of their most useful splinter groups -- and have approached me.
And believe me, they hold meetings all the time -- secret meetings, which is why you may not be aware of them.
For instance, I have learned that in my home area they are holding a large recruiting drive right now, and at least one of the Masons who works with a realtive of mine has been absent and left early from work with the flimsiest of excuses numerous times, most likely to participate. His employers -- also Masons -- do an excellent job of pretending to be offended by his dereliction, but no action is ever taken. By comparison, if my relative as a non-Mason were to attempt the same behavior, he would be dismissed summarily on the first or second offense.
Freemasonry constitutes an entire hidden, evil world of paganism and bondage which coexists with everyday life. Not something to be taken lightly, like joining the auto club. If you run afoul of them, you'll sustain a lot more than just another charge on your VISA.
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