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Default Profit - "three card trick" ?

An issue that I deal with regularly is when we are getting "fleeced" regularly by doctors, lawyers, petrol companies etc., I get called a commie, as these people are allowed "a fair and reasonable profit".

No-one can define fair and reasonable, except that it's around 10% give or take a bit, and that if the "free market" didn't deem the product worthy of their money, they would save it or spend it on a worthy product.

That gets me confused.

Consumers are generally (well predominantly) employees of one company or another, being paid a wage.

The company sells it's product for more than the total cost of production, which includes wages of their employees.

So if industry can cumulatively sell their products for more than the cost of wages (let alone other inputs), where does the rest of the money come from ?

I know the answer, the banking industry.

But if you can't convince people that all of the wage earners cannot by definition pay for all of the products that are produced (leaving out social services and taxes_, how can they even grasp banking ?

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