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Default Whens The TIme Right To Shoot The Bastards?

“America's at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

Many months ago I read an article by Claire Wolfe in which she used the phrase “shoot the bastards”, when she stated: “America's at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

I agreed with her comments, and do so now, but am seriously wondering just when is it time to start shooting the bastards that are destroying America.

Even Gandhi recognized the potential necessity of violence, saying:

“He who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honor by non-violently facing death, may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden.”

“Is It Time Yet?”, also by Claire Wolfe.

n her article, Ms. Michaels has drawn the line in the sand that she will not permit government or its enforcers to cross. I agree with her, that it is time that we do draw the lines we will not permit government law enforcers of de facto law to cross.

We have inherent, inalienable rights that no man or group of men has the authority to interfere with. They are not rights granted by government, but are rights that exist without any written word, rights that existed long before man could speak, let alone write.

However, to assure government would stay in its place – to provide protection of all human rights by defending our shores and accomplishing tasks for us, such as assuring such control of all artificial persons, including themselves – the founders of this land of ours wrote and then got the Constitution for the united states of America ratified.

This document was meant to limit government to never ever interfering with human rights. Every state constitution must abide with this document of supreme Law and prohibitions on government, with all statutes or ordinances written by government also complying.

To assure even further that government understood its role, the framers added articles of amendment, the first ten of which are commonly called the “Bill of Rights”. Should any be violated, or the provisions of the basic constitution be violated, then it is treason, and those that act so are traitors to America and the American people.

This land was founded on the provisions outlined most effectively by the Magna Charta, Common (Natural) Law, and the Ten Commandments. Never were God-given rights to be violated – they are INALIENABLE.

Thus, the basic law that applies to the people is that we can do anything we want so long as we do not intentionally harm another or damage his property.

However, this is not so with “persons in law” that are nothing more than imaginary fictions that have been given certain privileges – but no immunities to suit or prosecution – by agreement (meaning by contract) – and including Oaths of Office.

Such includes officials, those appointed or hired by officials, corporations created by persons in government, franchised commercial operators, licensed persons, and all other “citizens of the United States” created by the 14th Amendment.

None of these include We the People who are by birthright “Citizens of the United States” (meaning the People of the united states of America). We are not privileged persons – we are human beings that need no permission to do as we will from any other but particularly permission is not needed from any government body politic.

Huge frauds have been committed against the people of our land. You and I have been ripped off year after year for nearly or all of our lives by greedy no good dirty rotten traitors to America that we call “public/civil servants”.

First of all, People, all public property belongs to us. We only gave authority for government to regulate artificial persons using our – for example – roadways for commercial purposes, and to assure those conducting commercial operations on our property do not endanger us as they make commercial use of our roadways and other properties.

Therefore, all licensing is directed at commerce and the persons engaging in it that hold some sort of privilege granted by governing bodies, but not human beings.

Furthermore, safety measures, such as inspections and seat belts, are also – and can only be – aimed at persons in commercial activities, not human beings in their private travels in conveyances owned privately and used for private purposes.

In regard to firearms, no group has any authority to regulate what weapons are owned or carried by human beings, except in the federal zone. If one can afford – an extreme example – to buy a tank, then one may own and operate it on our public roads. Come to understand that Government may only regulate artificial persons, including those very few that have been determined by the people to be too dangerous to allow handling of firearms or other weapons or, in other words, those that are an extreme danger to themselves and others.

This does not include all felons, as government has so distorted the justice system that what is often considered a felony is most often only revenue generating for the gain of government, and not because of a crime committed against another human being – no victim, no crime.

Think. Do actual victims get redress, or does the State government (including its chartered local governments) profit from crimes or so-called “crimes” that do not exist because of no victims? From experience, it is always the government that gets redress that should have gone to the victim – or no prosecution at all because of there being no victim.

However, because of the profit made by government, prisons that have been privatized for the gain of government and its friends are full of people who have committed no crime.

This also applies to all drug control measures, as we each have the choice to use or not use, to sell or not sell, to grow or not grow, and so on any drug we wish. Our bodies are ours, and are not property of the government. Plus, government may not interfere in commerce (contracts) between the people, or the states they make up.

Also, a man or woman that has been convicted and paid redress to the victim has cleared his record. What if he merely stole a car, or some other far cheaper item, but was then convicted by a jury of his peers, served his time, and then repaid his victim. Is he not supposed to be able to defend himself against those that intended to harm him?

I believe he should be able to, although others may not agree. Of course, congress and every body politic known as “government” are full of felons, even though not prosecuted and convicted. They just hire bodyguards, and get around the rules and regulations that do apply to them.

But, whether others agree or not, so long as a so-called felon does not use a weapon to interfere with another’s rights, then it is no business of the government. In fact it never is, as it is up to we people to file an official verifiable complaint in the form of an Affidavit presented to a Grand Jury of our peers (not government appointed lackeys).

Only we people have the authority to accuse, as artificial entities have no rights to violate. Of course, government has hidden this fact by using unlawful treasonous measures to increase the coffers and powers of the government and that of the entities making up and controlling government. The money and property theft has thusly become an annual multi-billion dollar business for local, State, and the federal government corporation, and those alleged public servants filling the offices.

However, we also have the right to defend ourselves against damage by others. It does not matter whether it is another civilian threatening us or damaging our property, or if it is a public/civil servant threatening or damaging our property.

Just where in the Magna Charta, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Ten Commandments is any government entity given the authority to take by force our rights and other property, or to reign over we people as if we are in servitude to them?

Did hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people die during the last 6000 years so that a few dipshits elected, appointed, or hired to a body politic could remove human rights by regulating their activities, and then taking private property at will?

Not hardly. Millions have died for the betterment of mankind, which is to evolve until each and every human being regulates himself based primarily on spiritual beliefs.

Don’t get your drawers in a bind, atheists and others. Spiritual beliefs – at least knowing the difference between right and wrong – exists in all of us, except socio- and psychopaths, and some others that are mentally deficient – or drugged by the US Government. Or – let us not forget – in government.

Some people will even say that I am mentally deficient or all drugged out or whatever, as they disagree and react emotionally rather than with rational thought that just maybe they should do some research before mouthing off.

Such a do-nothing attitude is fine if they wish to remain in servitude to a bunch of criminals in government that could care less about them, their property, their lives, their liberty, and their pursuit of happiness. To each his own - - - so long as it does not interfere with my free exercise of my rights.

Many are not aware of it, but we people are being attacked daily by de facto armed and dangerous law enforcers that are committing treason and using terrorism during confrontation with the American people.

They are killing and beating innocent people, torturing them on roadways, in jails and prisons, and often planting evidence or responding to some "tip" that they might be doing this or that.

Innocent Americans – and others – are terrorized, beat up, or killed without a shred of evidence or due process, and put in prison anyway by judges and prosecuting attorneys that haven’t a clue as to law and justice – that is, if they survive the initial confrontation.

I was just reading an article about a sheriff in Arizona that is nothing but a Gestapo like tyrant, making law, and applying terrorism and treasonous acts that would get an ordinary person hung. His name is Joe something or another, in the county Phoenix is in. God, what a traitor to America this guy is.

Anyway, he epitomizes what is happening, that law enforcers and the governments they work for, are no different than a foreign force entering our land and using the force of arms to force compliance to rules that do not apply to the people. Such are acts of war, against which we have the right – and duty – to defend our land against.

Law enforcers and the creeps they work for (don’t ever believe the BS it is for the people) are traitors to America and should be dealt with as traitors, just as legislators, justices, judges, and all executive branch officials are also traitors and should be dealt with the same.

If we are not to defend our selves, our families, our homes, and our land against those that are destroying America now, then when is it time - after they have confiscated arms? As every country on Earth that has had arms confiscated learned the hard way, it is too damn late then.

Liz Michael is right and so am I when I state the time to attack back with deadly force is when you are being threatened, or when some dirty traitor takes away your rights by force.

One should have discretion, though, and not counter attack on their terms but on your terms. For example, it is too easy for them while five, ten, twenty or more are raiding your home, or while you are sitting inside a car or truck, essentially as a sitting duck.

However, not always will you be essentially trapped in your own home or car or truck or whatever. Retribution does not have to occur right then, but can occur later when the thug or thugs are unguarded with them placed in much the scenario you avoided. They do it, so is not what is good for the goose good for the gander?

Sounds horrible, doesn’t it, but keep in mind the rights of Americans are being tromped on all over this land, and armed and dangerous enforcers are getting away with it because they are using arms while the people are not.

They are using large numbers of armed thugs while the people are not. Thus, the power they wield is exactly like the power the German Gestapo held with one exception – many of we Americans are still heavily armed.

It is that type of power the standing armies amongst us understand, so it is the type of power the people must also wield – or human rights will be forgotten for dozens upon dozens of generations.

Folks, that is the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, as our forefathers expected government would get out of hand, acting as bad or worse than any king or other tyrant acted.

That also, my fellow people in servitude, is the only way we are to free ourselves of the chains of power that bind us in servitude to a few elite scumbags, whether local city, county, state, federal, or international.

If we do not act soon, we will no longer be able to because those that would fight back will all be dead or in prison camps being tortured or killed.

Think it cannot happen here? You had best read the real history of the world, and quit listening to losers such as the Bush family, the other creeps in and behind the federal government, and their lackeys – mainstream media.

It has happened repeatedly – and in other countries where the people did not believe it would happen. But, as is our nature, we tend not to learn from history, and must have it shoved down our throats, with millions slaughtered. Then mankind waits for the next time it happens believing the SOSDD (same old shit, different day) put out by those they have placed their trust in.

Well, Folks, I for one am flat fed up with the elite scumbags – and the not so elite locally – and what they are doing to our people, my fellow man in other lands, and our future generations. They must be stopped.

Never will they be stopped with the vote or depending on them to “do the right thing”, because they no longer know what the right thing is, nor do they fear the people.

Face that as a truth, People, and maybe even those who just love Bush and his bunch killing thousands upon thousands of innocent unarmed human beings for fun and profit – and other evil intents – might begin to weigh in the facts, rather than believing the ton of lies spouted by Bush and his kind.

Perhaps another American might be born from his study, one that will only accept the liberty to exercise Inalienable Rights and the absolute will to do away with – hopefully politically – any public servant that interferes.

So, when is it time to shoot the bastards? Well, that is a matter of one’s conscience, whether one’s heart and soul determines it is time. Should yours determine it is, may you have thousands of others determine it is at the same time, or you will fall as “just another right wing militant whacko”, rather than a true American patriot and lover of human Rights and freedom.

As tyranny advances to overwhelming proportions, and the time grows nearer to being left without any other choice by those that would enslave the whole human race, I close with a most appropriate quote, the same quote that began Liz Michael’s commentary ~

"Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Nations and peoples who forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms."
- Robert Heinlein

Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.
--FBI Definition
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