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Default Re: Why must I convert???

Yes Christ came for everyone.

The problem is that us in the west have forgatten the Christian values we once had as individuals.

One hundred years ago our societies (muslim and Christian) where very alike in terms of morality

Sadly the west has forgone those values for materialistc ones that go aginst the grain of humane values. Even worse the west speciay the US is trying to impose those amoral, humanistic values where ever it sets foot, This has given rise and in my opinion rightly so to the rebellion of those who don't want to accept them.

Getting back to culture as I said before I don't belive in multiculturalism. Because in my opinion that Muslim culture and Western Culture cannot mix becase there is much that separate us in terms of or views of life and world.

That is not to say that there are many things in Muslim people, Hindu, Budist that are good.

Many things you here said about Chritians has nothing to do with Christianity.

Did you know that Revernd JIm Jones from the Jones town massacre was not a Christian nor was it a Christian Church? The powers that be want to destroy Christianity because its the only one that offers love as the answer and God as the savior.

I encourage you to read the bible you will be surprised of the many splendid things that it offers being Freedom the most spectacular.

I recomend you start at Gospels.


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