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Default Re: Are all Police Officers Criminals?

I was busted for a rather large pot growing operation.

As 15 coppers trolled through my house I began to have the wierdest feeling of being violated. That strangers were in my house and I had the urge to say..."would you mind leaving now".

When i spent 8 days on remand in a maximum security jail I had another "peak experience". As I walked round and round the oval I suddenly felt the obvious most acutely...i had lost my 'liberty'. I was confined to a specific area and if i tried to leave i would be physically stopped, even shot. No one at that jail gave a stuff about what i'd done in fact a few said they hoped I made a decent amount of cash. Even so, despite no one giving a stuff about what I had done, the invisible State had deemed me worthy of locking up. Little old harmless me. The 'invisible' state. I was just a one actually gave a toss about me personally and yet they would shoot me if they had to because the State said I was a criminal for growing a plant. In fact when i was released on a 2 year good behaviour bond the security gaurds at the court was quite surreal.

By the way, anyone who says jail is'nt a deterent has'nt been to jail.

It is also a 'crime school'. Just like Johnny Depp in 'Blow', i went in with a bachelor of marijuana and could have come out with a pHD in heroin and meth. I was invited to lunch by a few "i pay $5000 a day cash for my Queens Council" gangsters. They like smart drug dealers.

Sending young people to jail for non violent drug offences is insane. A big mistake.

We should perhaps ponder why it is people will part with large sums of money to escape the 'reality' that surrounds.

As a side note...they were helicoptering in the captain of a Columbian ship that imported a few TONS of Coke. He got a MINIMUM of 20 years! 20 years for making Judges, lawyers, doctors and stock brokers happy for a few hours! Imagine!

As a Registered Nurse who has worked in Emergency Departments and seen the day in day out chaos of alcohol and cigarettes, the drug laws are completely ridiculous.

As to what the final answer is I do not know...just say no? :-D
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