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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

rushdoony wrote:
To help create heaven on earth
using voluntary means.
You are one of God's created agents
to accomplish this in one
or a few areas of life. It's
different or unique for each person.

The meaning of life
is NOT to help create heaven
on earth using coercive means.
If you try to do good, say
reduce starvation of children
in the world using coercive means
such as taxation,then you
will end up increasing starvation
and increasing evil in other areas also.

It is a Spiritual Law
that very few people are aware of.
If you try and do good using
evil or coercive means such as taxation, you will
end up with a negative result.
Your whole project must use
money obtained voluntarily
or the project will fail.
Although charity is an admirable quality, helping with starvation is only a temporary cure. Helping with homelessness and poverty is only a temporary solution. In fact, anything you do to end any one of these atrocities is only going to be a temporary solution. WHY? Because the world and all its laws have been bent to the will of Satan (evil/bad). Society must be destroyed and then completely rebuilt into what it is meant to be. This will come soon. Right now, the meaning of life on earth is about destruction and adaptation.
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