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Default Re: Ignorance at the Discard of the Monarch


My name is Emperor 1009, and my mission is to be the very model of moral authority to oppose the war by making an impression about intelligence and putting myself in an opposing configuration to the stupidity of the Bush administration with TV shows of a new genre, producing sets of masterpieces, mirrors of the collective unconscious and the fabricated, fractionated “personalities” of our Age- combining libido, a colorful cast of images and statesmanship of my own stamp; the exemplar of romance, elegance, and passion, and the gold standard of where this Country needs to go.
My TV show is a classic example of what happens when a Nations' leadership fails at the highest category and a citizenry realizes that all is lost except for the basic human right of Self- determination.
Simply put, my masterwork in the television arts will make use of the Internet. It is time to reconsider the role and purpose of Government, and it will be my good pleasure to define them.

Please see my Internet Public Service Announcement: (Windows Media Player) (Quick Time)

Thank you,

Emperor 1009

I hang out at mostly:

feel free to send my movie to your friends :-)
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