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Default Re: Should the U.S. Declare War on Iran - or Israel?

I was reading about these Sunburn missles that Iran has from Russia. If Israel attacked Iran with it's US supplied F-15s and bunker-buster bombs it would have to fly over Iraq because of the range of the F-15. This means that even if the US doesn't take part it would still be liable for allowing Israel to fly over Iraq.

I was reading that the Sunburn is a mach 2.1 sea skimming cruise missle with a range of 100 miles and can carry a 750lb conventional load. It flys below the radar and makes erratic manuvers as it closes in on the target. It can also tell the difference between a carrier and its escorts. With dozens or hundreds of these flying around the gulf from the coast of Iran it would make that whole area a killing field for US ships which have little or no defense against them. Argentina had only 5 missles of this style, one that wasn't as good (sub sonic) and it sank two British war ships.

So with ship access cut off from Iraq the troops there will be in a tough spot since everything would have to come and out by plane. Of course Irans cities and bases would be flattend too but these missles are mobile and hidden all over.

If that played out both sides would do a lot of damage to each other - maybe enough to usher in the NWO? I doubt it - something else bigger would have to happen too.

You can read about it here...

And one from the late Joe Vialls - good pictures.

Maybe it's all wrong, who knows anymore but I thought it was very interesting. I hear many arm chair warriors that the US military is untouchable but if they did a little homework on the matter they might not be so eager to get into these situations.
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