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Default Re: Exxon Mobile Employees Given Fake Flu Shots

David wrote:
I wouldn't put it past 'them' to pull a scam like that but, but in truth it's worse.

They charge $100 for a shot full of poisons for plenty of profits. They weaken the population, give them cancers to kill them off once they are old and no longer work like good slaves - that's why they say everyone over 50 should get it. Then they put enough heavy metal in it to help keep everyone dumbed down a little bit.

This is evil on so many levels - like everything else.

You're probably right ... poison is much more

profitable and also enables the NWO to save

on paying out pensions when the old die young ...

and additionally the more the old people loose

their memories the easier it will be to convince

the young that the gay lifestyle in 50% of the

population was always normal.
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