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Default Re: Report finds informal childcare harmful

Childcare is an utter disgrace and i have nothing but contempt for the whole industry. I think it best that women simply have no children if they are to be regarded as a nuisence and working for more widgets prefered.

Women should be honest and admit that to a great degree they have kids out of guilt. Something to "get out of the way".

Little humans have come from far away and need to be kept close at ALL times during the first 6 months when they get a little confidence.

Children need to feel they are a joy and welcomed. We no longer welcome children. We are slaves to the state and children are nuisence to production values. Especially when theirs a giant third world pool of labour which will be pouring into our lovely Oz soon enough.

Their is a slight back lash against all this with alot of polls showing over %60 of women do not want to work at all and prefer homemaker.

Is'nt Dialectical Materialism wonderful! Theinevitablity of the market place and how we must bow down to it's awsome power and throw our kids on the scrap heap. And ourselves.

Fuck this system.
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