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Default Re: prussian blue - A new race of Nazis

Draken and TB, bless your hearts and minds. Thank you both for being so informed and willing to share that information.

I cannot believe how supposedly intelligent individuals can remain so deluded in this "age of enlightenment." It just goes to show how effective is the brainwashing techniques being employed. No other race on the face of this earth hates itself like the white race. They have lost all their survival instincts.

When that happens they are not long for this world.

IF, and that's a big IF, they ever wake up from their beautiful dream there will be a new growth industry. They will wish to pay someone to kick their arses for being such fools and selling their own kids down the shitter for other races that hate their guts.

It's not about racism, you idiots, it's about finite space and finite resources. Wake up!
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